4 Places to Display Your Preserved Rose Box

The beauty of preserved rose boxes is that they can be kept on display all year round, unlike fresh roses which wilt within weeks (or even sometimes days). But where, exactly, should you display them? A preserved rose box can make any room in the home look beautiful and can serve as a romantic reminder, so the choice is up to you. If you're lost for ideas, here are 4 to use as a starting point.

Keep Them in Your Bedroom

One of the best places to display your preserved rose box is in your bedroom. Placing them on your nightstand gives you something beautiful to wake up to every morning, making that dreaded alarm a little less dreaded. You can make your new bedside adornment even more luscious by placing a rose essential oil diffuser nearby. That way, your wake-up call will smell as great as it looks.

Keep Them in Your Dining Room

A centrepiece is the ideal way to beautify any dining table. With your preserved rose box as a dining table centrepiece, every dinner will feel like a romantic date. When placing your box, make sure it's kept as far away from food and drink as possible to prevent any splatters. On a smaller dining table, you may want to use a decorative box as a base to give your roses some height and keep them further away from your food.

Keep Them in Your Bathroom

If you're the kind of person who likes to relax in the bath with candles and bath bombs, why not up the serenity by displaying your preserved rose box in there, too? Of course, if you do keep your roses in your bathroom, you need to be very cautious of moisture. As well as positioning the roses far away from the bath and shower, make sure your bathroom is kept well ventilated at all times (either by an air conditioning system or windows) to stop moisture in the air from dampening your flowers.

Keep Them in Your Office

Need a pick-me-up at the office? Avoid a workday slump by keeping your preserve roses on your desk. Alongside reminding you of the loving relationship you're returning home to every night, your flowers could even boost your productivity and creativity. Plants in the workplace have been proven to boost your creative juices, help you get more work done and keep your stress levels low.