Lost a Loved One? Estate Clearance Tips

Have you lost a loved one lately? Clearing a deceased person's estate can be a challenging task. Keep reading for some deceased estates clearance tips.  The Will Most people leave a will behind. Therefore, contact your loved one's lawyer and inquire if he or she had a will. Share out the estate as per the terms of the will. If he or she did not have a will, report the death in court.

Supplies to Consider for Your Ear Piercing Business

If your boutique store is considering offering ear-piercing services, you will need the proper equipment and kits. There is a misconception that having one piercing gun and some beginner studs will be enough. The truth is, there are more supplies available you should consider. Here are a few of those options, what you should know about each one, and how they can benefit your new ear-piercing jewellery line and services.

Tips for Improving Sheepskin Slipper Sales

With the winter season approaching, layering becomes mandatory, and people often run out of cute weather outfits real quick. However, just because it is cold outside doesn't mean that your customers cannot look their best. Although initially designed to be worn indoors, more people are wearing sheepskin slippers outdoors. Therefore, if you sell sheepskin slippers and have been struggling with sales, you can use some strategies to improve sales. Implemented the right way, these plans will change the way you sell sheepskin slippers.

4 Places to Display Your Preserved Rose Box

The beauty of preserved rose boxes is that they can be kept on display all year round, unlike fresh roses which wilt within weeks (or even sometimes days). But where, exactly, should you display them? A preserved rose box can make any room in the home look beautiful and can serve as a romantic reminder, so the choice is up to you. If you're lost for ideas, here are 4 to use as a starting point.

How Point-of-Sale Systems Benefit Small Businesses

When you're running a small business there are lots of ways you can boost productivity. If you're regularly taking payments from your customers and clients, one of the best ways to modernise your approach is by adding a point-of-sale system to your organisation. Many customers expect them as standard, so you could lose out by not having one. If you're trying to decide whether point-of-sale software is right for you, it's time to learn more about the benefits.