Tips for Improving Sheepskin Slipper Sales

With the winter season approaching, layering becomes mandatory, and people often run out of cute weather outfits real quick. However, just because it is cold outside doesn't mean that your customers cannot look their best. Although initially designed to be worn indoors, more people are wearing sheepskin slippers outdoors. Therefore, if you sell sheepskin slippers and have been struggling with sales, you can use some strategies to improve sales. Implemented the right way, these plans will change the way you sell sheepskin slippers. 

Sell Care Kits

One thing that makes sheepskin popular during the winter is durability. When used to make indoor slippers these slippers can last years, but only with the right care. However, if customers know that their pair of sheepskin slippers is going to last for years, they might not be inclined to buy a sheepskin care kit. It is a gap you must close as a retailer, and the best strategy is to cross-sell the slippers with a care kit. For instance, displaying a care kit next to the sheepskin slippers creates a mental image in the customer's mind about the importance of owning a care kit. It sends the message that the sheepskin slippers last even longer if maintained accordingly.

Sell with Accessories

As mentioned earlier, sheepskin slippers are no longer the indoor footwear most people knew them for. It is common to see people wearing the slippers while out in the mall or the park. To make the slippers a fashion statement, it is best to accessorise them, and what better way to do it than with sheepskin coats and caps. A customer is much more likely to buy sheepskin slippers if they see just how good they go with pairable accessories. You can pull off this strategy by dressing up a mannequin in sheepskin cap, coat and slippers. The complete look increases the possibility of customers buying the slippers with either one of the accessories.

Offer Repair Services

Although some care kits offer instructions on how to repair damaged sheepskin slippers, they are not the easiest of materials to deal with. Therefore, rather than fix the footwear on their own, customers will look for a professional who understands the material. As a retailer, you are better placed to offer professional sheepskin slipper repair services. If your repairs are excellent, your customers will not go anywhere else for repair services. Moreover, the clients are more likely to buy another new pair from your store when they can no longer wear the old pair.