Supplies to Consider for Your Ear Piercing Business

If your boutique store is considering offering ear-piercing services, you will need the proper equipment and kits. There is a misconception that having one piercing gun and some beginner studs will be enough. The truth is, there are more supplies available you should consider. Here are a few of those options, what you should know about each one, and how they can benefit your new ear-piercing jewellery line and services.

Disposable Piercing Guns

If you are concerned with being able to clean and maintain the sanitation of a traditional piercing gun, you should consider disposable piercing guns. These are small one-time-use piercing devices that are placed over the earlobe. The piercing device is pushed together and pierces the skin in the process with the beginner stud. When the device is removed, the stud is in place. The device can then be disposed of in a sharps container or biowaste container for safety. These ear-piercing jewellery items come in packs of two and can be reordered in bulk. 

Fashion Earrings

One of the key supplies you want to have are fashion earrings. You want to make sure you have the traditional options, but also the unique options that people are currently looking for. This means ordering the right fashion earrings when you order your earring piercing jewellery. You also want to make sure that you have a supply chain that can refill your supplies when you need it. Make sure to keep track of the latest trends and options so you can have the items you want ready for your first order. Also, keep in mind that most ear-piercing jewellery suppliers will have catalogues showing the latest fashion earrings and supplies, as well.

After Care Supplies

When you order your ear-piercing jewellery supplies, you may not think about the aftercare options. In order to make sure your clients have a good overall experience, you need to provide aftercare supplies. Ear piercing gel and cleaner are the two main types of aftercare supplies. These can be bought in bulk and put together in a kit to give to your clients. You can also offer lotions and items that are specific to people who have allergies to items like sulphates and aloe. This shows that you are thinking ahead making sure all of your clients have the right aftercare products. 

These are just a few of the supplies that you need to consider for your ear-piercing jewellery and business. When you are ready to order any of these options, contact your local ear-piercing jewellery suppliers. They can help you order the right items for your needs. They can also help you with shipping questions, new orders, replacement orders, and ongoing orders. They can also help you with specialty jewellery supplies as well.