Lost a Loved One? Estate Clearance Tips

Have you lost a loved one lately? Clearing a deceased person's estate can be a challenging task. Keep reading for some deceased estates clearance tips. 

The Will

Most people leave a will behind. Therefore, contact your loved one's lawyer and inquire if he or she had a will. Share out the estate as per the terms of the will. If he or she did not have a will, report the death in court. The court will divide the property among close family members.

Paperwork Comes First

Sort out your loved one's paperwork. Be on the lookout for vital documents such as identification, bank loan contracts, mortgage payment slips, vehicle titles, life insurance papers, and business partnership deeds. These should be easy to find before you begin sorting other items in the deceased's home or office. 

Decide What to Keep and What to Donate

Hold a family meeting and decide how to clear the estate. Personal items such as photographs, books, pets, flower vases, and jewellery could be shared out among family members. Items not listed on the will such as cars and electronics could be sold or donated to a charity that the deceased would have loved to donate to. 

If you opt to clear the deceased's home, you could hold an auction to sell items such as furniture, carpets, home electronics, clothes, and curtains. Advertise the sale through word of mouth, social media posts, or signboards. If the deceased had an expansive estate, you could put up an ad in your local dailies.

Find Help

You might be in mourning as you clear the estate. Therefore, you should ask a close friend or family member to help you clear the estate. If you cannot, engage an estate clearance company to handle the affair. Below are tips to help you when hiring the company:

  • See if the company is licenced to operate in your state. Besides, they should have sufficient experience in the business.
  • Inquire about the firm's resources. For instance, do they have adequate staff? 
  • Assess the company's level of professionalism. The manager should tour the estate to understand what needs clearance. After this, he or she should meet with you and discuss how to dispose of the various items.
  • Compare the pricing of several firms and choose one that is reasonably priced. 

Clearing an estate will be less difficult with the above tips. Remember that the will was your loved one's final wishes. Therefore, always abide by the document.